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HL Camp Reviews | Program Trading Research

HL Camp | Program Trading Research

Our daily Program Trading Research is available only by pre-paid quarterly subscription.   We do not offer any type of free or trial subscription, often offered to retail customers as an inducement, to buy our daily research.  Our research is available for you each day by clicking on the  Client Log In  button in the top right corner of every page on our web site, as you see above.  Our research is available each evening and is updated every morning before the NYSE opens.   In addition, the S&P Market Report is updated once again by Algo Nine every morning at 9:00.  Here is what is included:

  • Our prognosis for the day with our program trading computer projections of market direction and odds of success, and with the exact time of those movement expectations in 5 minute increments based on our program trading algorithms.

  • The most thorough program trading research available based on our program trading pattern recognition systems, complete with the day's odds of that pattern repeating again for today. And with Wall Street's most advanced S&P Market Report with specific projected ranges of S&P movement for both bullish and bearish traders.

  • Exact recommendations giving exact entry points in 5 minute increments and the odds of success on each recommendation for both conservative speculators and more aggressive gamblers.

  • Exact support and resistance levels based on our four color Program Trading Pattern Recognition Research that we began on April 21, 1982 at EF Hutton & Co.  And our "bottom up" approach using every stock in every index.  Many subscribers indicate that these support and resistance levels alone are worth the price of their subscription to our research.  In addition, additional levels are provided by Algo Nine and updated every morning on the S&P Market Report at 9:01.

  • Special trading updates whenever warranted by highly unusual program trading activity or extraneous factors that are overtly affecting trading.   Since the total number of our subscribers is limited, our computers can handle every subscriber at exactly the same time, anywhere in the world.

  • Direct access to our Program Trading Desk for consultation on your trading decisions every day.  We provide you with the direct private phone number, and direct instant messaging addresses to our Program Trading Desk.  The only calls we take during trading hours are from our program trading clients, and direct subscribers to our research.  In addition, you may subscribe to Program Trading Live and receive broadcasts directly from our Program Trading Desk all day.


For Index Futures and Derivative Traders
For those of you who are interested in trading the S&P 500, and other index futures, their E-mini contracts, and ETF's such as SPY, SSO, and SDS, and other derivatives, and puts and calls, we provide our Program Trading S&P Market Report with recommended trades and the exact times for their execution, and the corresponding odds of their potential success.  This highly detailed report also contains our "bottom up" approach to S&P support and resistance levels (using every stock in the 500 cash index) that many traders depend on exclusively.  The rates listed below are for each quarter.

Program Trading Report

Individual  Traders

Trading Firms

S&P Market Report 



Program Trading Clocks



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For Program Trading Online Help
If you need help with your trading, then get online with one of our traders on our Program Trading Desk in real time and get everything set up well.  And exactly the same as the best program trading firms in the world.  No matter that platform you are using, we can help you with it.

We offer one on one training that will help you with your set ups.  The hourly rate for helping you is $300.00 per hour and with a 2 hour minimum to get started.  Get online with us as many times as you like during that 2 hour window of opportunity and get your Program Trading Indicators working perfectly. Additional hours are billed at $300.00 per hour as you need.

Simply contact us and tell us you want to get started in real time.


For Securities and Options Traders
For those of you who are interested in trading stocks and options, we provide our daily Program Trading Stock Reports listing all of the stocks we have pre-programmed each day for both program buying and program selling.  This invaluable guide will tell you inside story on which stocks program traders are using for buy programs and for sell programs. These program trading reports are used by the very best specialists, floor brokers, and NASDAQ market makers.

Program Trading Reports

Individual  Traders

Trading Firms

S&P 100 Stocks 



NDX 100 Stocks 



S&P 100 and NDX 100 Stocks



The rates listed above are for each quarter.  If you are a fund manager, floor broker, specialists, or market maker, we can provide you customized daily stock reports to specifically suit your needs and the stocks you are trading. We will determine what your one-time programming charge will be and then calculate your quarterly fee based on your needs.

Program Trading Forecast Prices
The S&P and NDX 100 stock reports also include our Program Trading Forecast, giving you four exact prices for each stock in each index.  The exact projected high and the exact projected low based on normal trading activity for that day.  And the exact projected program buying high and the exact projected program selling low when buy programs and/or sell programs hit the markets.  This invaluable guide will give you the exact prices that our clients who are specialists, floor brokers, and NASDAQ market makers are going to use each day to take in and let out their inventory. Our Program Trading Forecast prices are the exact same prices that are use by many High Frequency Trading Firms.  And many of our clients use this information to set stop losses on positions that they hold knowing that specialists, market makers, and HFT computers, would have taken them out of the trade if they had set an incorrect stop by themselves.  If you have been consistently stopped out of your trades at the low or high of the day only to see your stock take off without you, you need this very valuable program trading information.


Program Trading Stock Reports
For those of you who are interested in trading stocks and their put and call options, but do not need our extensive daily program trading research, we offer stock reports so that you are aware of program trading and which stocks program trading firms are buying and selling.  Our stock reports are updated every day and let you know which stocks were in play yesterday.  Since the best program traders rarely jump from one side of the market to the other, the stocks that were in play yesterday, will be in play again today, and sometimes again tomorrow, almost all of the time.  Knowing yesterday, tells you today.

Program Trading Report

Individual  Traders

Trading Firms

Daily Stock Report



Daily Level III Report



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You will receive your username and password.  And then you can log in by clicking on the red  Client Log In  button in the top right corner of every page on our web sites, as you see above, and know which stocks are being bought and sold by the very best program trading firms.  Your subscription to our Program Trading Daily Report is less than $5.00 per day.

To Subscribe to Program Trading Research
To subscribe
to one of our Program Trading Research Reports, simply contact us with your name and phone number and we will call you.  We personally contact all subscribers before we forward you a confirmation and invoice for your records. Your subscription will start just as soon as we receive your check, fed funds wire, or credit card payment at our office in Palm Beach.

Many subscribers utilize a combination of two or more of our research reports. Combination report rates are quoted upon request.

Prices quoted are continental USA rates for individual investors, traders, and trading firms. Broker/Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, FCM, Commodity Trading Advisor, and International rates are available on request.  All subscriptions to our Program Trading Research are nontransferable and non-refundable.   Our Program Trading Research may not be suitable for all investors.  Please click here and consult your investment or trading advisor before you subscribe.

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