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Today's Program Trading Buy/Sell Levels from HL Camp and Company.

Program Trading Buy/Sell Levels

For Post Expiration Thursday April 27, 2017

Program Trading and the Bear Market of 2017
Program Trading is over 70.00% of the volume every day and on some days over 90%. The more you know about program trading and that volume, and the patterns for each day, the better you will trade your own account.  It really is that simple.

Program Trading 101/501
Trading Strategies for Professional Traders

Our next Program Trading Seminars are on Saturday & Sunday May 20 & 21, 2017.  We are taking reservations now.  If you would like to attend, please contact us or call USA 1-561-747-5000 and make your reservations today.

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Program Trading Premium Execution Levels

Our Fair Value for the S&P 500 today is $-3.70. That price level may change during the day. Our computers are set for program buying at $-2.50 and set for program selling at $-4.70. If you would like to see these program trading buy/sell levels in real time, you must have the very best data feeds and software. The best Program Trading Firms have them.

And the best Program Trading Firms have them in real time and the odds are extremely high that you do not.   Please understand every bid and every offer you see is based on the program trading premium and that our program trading premium execution levels are set to manipulate the ES, SPY, and other index futures and EFT's, and Program Trading Stocks.  And especially the stocks in the Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's indexes.

Beware of the symbols $PREM, $SPINX, SPINX.X, PREM.X, SPS or any other strange and weird ticker symbol from mediocre or horrible data vendors. Those symbols are not correct.  If you do not have the program trading premium contact us and we will help you with it. There is no way you can complete against the best traders in the world without it.  So set it up correctly and know how to use it well.  If you don't, you will lose.  It's that simple.

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Additional information about which stocks are being bought and sold is available by subscribing to our Program Trading Daily Report.  If you would like to subscribe click here.

Real Time Information about which market derivatives are being bought or sold, and buying or selling by the best High Frequency Trading Algos, is available by subscribing to Program Trading Live.  If you would like to subscribe click here.

Additional delayed information about our secret program trading prices used by High Frequency Trading Algos is available on Twitter for free.


Program Trading Seminars

Program Trading 101

Saturday May 20, 2017 in Palm Beach.  Make your reservations now.

This is our level one seminar covering the basics of Program Trading that you must know well if you are going to succeed in 2017.  Every bid and offer you see on your screen is based on Program Trading.  Space is limited so you need to make your reservations now.  This seminar is required before you can attend Program Trading 501.

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Program Trading 501

Sunday May 21, 2017 in Palm Beach.  Make your reservations now.

This is our level two seminar for professional traders covering everything you need to know about Program Trading and high frequency trading for 2017 and all of our Program Trading Pattern Recognition Systems. This information is mandatory if you trade the ES, SPY, and other indexes; or Dow, NASDAQ, OEX, and SPX stocks and ETF's and their put and call options. Space is limited, so you need to make your reservations now.   You must attend PT 101 first, before you can attend this seminar.

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Program Trading or Index Arbitrage?

Please do not confuse our program trading premium execution levels listed above with theoretical execution levels for index arbitrage listed in the media and announced each morning on CNBC.  Theoretical levels for index arbitrage are only applicable for certain types of modeling and back testing, and theoretical paper trading in general.  Theoretical levels are neither accurate nor reliable for trading your fund accounts, and are not applicable for professional traders using the NYSE, NASDAQ, and the CME, with real money and trading for real profits.  Professional program traders never use theoretical execution levels.  Be extremely careful if you are using theoretical calculations designed for index arbitration, which is normally less than 2.00 percent of program trading volume and therefore totally irrelevant for almost all firms except RBCD.

Our program trading premium execution levels listed above, are the actual price levels that our clients will use today to execute buy and sell programs with many different program trading strategies, which normally comprise over 98.00 percent of program trading volume.  Our execution levels are different from the theoretical levels announced on CNBC.  Our levels include certain costs not even included in theoretical formulas at all.  If you would like to know more about that, then simply contact us using the link below.

Please be advised that our execution levels are set to front run theoretical levels on some days; either on the buy side, or sell side, or both.  If you are using theoretical levels, you will always be late and will always have additional and unnecessary losses.  There is a very good reason why the spread between our program buying execution level and fair value is different than the spread between our program selling execution level and fair value, on most days.  If you have noticed how those spreads change from day to day and have been wondering about that, then contact us.  We will reply promptly.

Any stocks mentioned above are only a small sample of the stocks we have pre-programmed for program buying or program selling, algorithmic trading and high frequency trading.  If you would like to know more about that, then simply contact us with your requests.  Additional information about stocks bought and sold short, is available in our Program Trading Daily Report.  If you would like to subscribe to our Daily Stock Report, then please click here.

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